Does Amazon Do Employment Verification

Does Amazon Do Employment Verification

Have you recently applied to Amazon and are worried about how events will unfold? 

Well, allow me to break things up. 

There’s not much to stress for.  

Like any other E-commerce platform, Amazon hires new employees from different states worldwide. 

However, if you feel concerned about your past employment history or think, does Amazon do employment verification

Generally, Yes! Amazon does check your complete data and history to check whether you are eligible for the job

But that won’t affect your chances of getting hired. 

To help you understand better, here is a detailed answer for what employment verification is in the first place. 

What Is Employment Verification 

Employment verification is a way for employers to check your work history and ensure you’re telling the truth about your previous jobs.  

Don’t take it as a grudge; it’s a formality. 

They might contact your previous employers or check references to confirm things like your job title, dates of employment, and reason for leaving.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… 

“I’m a trustworthy person; why would they need to check up on me?”

Well, it’s not that they don’t trust you, but sometimes people exaggerate or even lie about their resumes. 

Plus, a big company like Amazon probably has hundreds of thousands of applicants to sift through, so they want to make sure they’re getting the most qualified ones out there. 

Does Amazon Do Employment Verification 

Yes, Amazon does conduct employment verification as part of their hiring process… 

Thinking how it’s done? 

Amazon may start by contacting your previous employers to confirm what you have mentioned on your resume.  

This helps to ensure that the applicant’s work history matches what they have stated on their resume or job application. 

I know the idea of someone calling your previous employer to ask about you might seem a bit nerve-wracking, but there’s nothing to worry about as long as you’ve been honest on your resume.  

In fact, employment verification is just one way that Amazon ensures they are hiring the best candidates for their team. 

So, just sit back, watch a good series, and wait for the news! 

What Is The Amazon Employment Verification Procedure? 

Now that you have submitted your job resume, here are the verification steps you might go through. 

  1. Reference checks 

 Amazon will typically contact the references provided by the applicant to verify their employment history and to confirm the skills and experience listed on the resume. 

  1. Background checks 

It also conducts a background check on all candidates before they are hired.  

This may include a criminal background check, a credit check, and verification of their education and professional licenses. 

  1. Employment verification 

Amazon may contact previous employers to verify the accuracy of the applicant’s employment history.  

Don’t worry; they won’t just bluntly believe what your old boss says. It is mainly to check that the applicant wasn’t involved in any unprofessional or bad act before. 

  1. Education verification 

Amazon may also verify the accuracy of the applicant’s educational qualifications, including their degree, major, and GPA. 

  1. Drug testing 

Amazon may require candidates to undergo a drug test before they are hired. 

  1. Onboarding 

Once the above steps are completed and the applicant is cleared, now the applicant will be an Amazon employee.

This may involve providing him with an orientation, setting up their payroll and benefits, and assigning them to their new position. 

What Is Amazon Hiring Process? 

The Amazon hiring process is designed to be rigorous and comprehensive to ensure that only the best candidates are hired for their open positions.  

Though it might seem unfair, if the Amazon hiring process was peanuts, anyone could’ve easily opted for it. 

It’s essential to demonstrate your skills and experience throughout the process to increase your chances of being selected for the role. 

For your better understanding, here is the Amazon hiring process explained in 7 easy steps. 

  1. Online Application 

Simply search for open positions on the Amazon careers website and apply online by submitting your resume and cover letter. 

  1. Initial Screening 

Amazon will review your application and assess your qualifications and experience to determine whether you fit the role well.  

If you meet the requirements, you may be invited to move forward. 

A point to remember is that it isn’t a rocket-fast process. Things may take time, and it might take weeks for Amazon to approach you for the screening.  

Be Patient! 

  1. Assessment Test 

Amazon needs candidates to take an online assessment test to evaluate their skills and competencies. 

Don’t feel afraid; the assessment only includes cognitive, behavioral, and situational judgment tests. 

  1. Phone Screening 

If you pass the assessment test, Amazon assistants will schedule a phone interview to further assess your qualifications and experience. 

  1. On-Site Interview 

With all that done elegantly, you will be invited to an on-site interview.  

The on-site interview may consist of a series of interviews with different hiring managers and team members to evaluate your skills and fit for the role. 

Honestly, this is the toughest part, where many candidates fail. 

However, if you have a good grip on your subjects, I think there shouldn’t be any problems. 

  1.  Background Check 

After the interview, there will be a short background check that includes verifying your employment history, education, and criminal record. 

  1. Job Offer 

If the background checks are a success as well. Then congratulations! 

 Amazon will extend a job offer to you. The offer will include details about the job position and salary packages etc. 

What Is The Amazon Employment Verification Phone Number? 

The Amazon employment verification phone number is 1-800-367-5690.  

It’s also popular by the name of Amazon Work Number.  

Applicants can call at any time of the day or even send emails to [email protected].  

Moreover, the Amazon employment verification number can mostly solve all your related queries. 

You also check their websites’ FAQ section to instantly get a straightforward answer. 

Final Words 

Now that you have the answer to Amazon employment verification, let’s discuss the hiring process. 

Usually, many candidates get demotivated, thinking that Amazon ignored them, but that is never the case. 

Thousands of more applicants with similar resumes are waiting in line to be approached, just like you. 

So, it is recommended for some weeks before you are approached for an interview. 

When you are finally called out for an interview, answer all the questions correctly and confidently, which should be enough to help you secure a decent position at Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a candidate be denied employment at Amazon due to issues found during employment verification? 

Yes, a candidate can be denied employment at Amazon if issues are found during the employment verification process. This can include discrepancies in work history or education credentials, as well as criminal records, drug use, or other issues that may disqualify them from employment.  

What types of information does Amazon seek during employment verification? 

Amazon seeks various information during employment verification, including dates of employment, job titles, job duties, reasons for leaving previous positions, and education credentials. 

Amazon may also verify professional licenses, certifications, and other qualifications that are required for the position. 

What methods does Amazon use to conduct employment verification? 

Amazon typically uses various methods to conduct employment verification, including phone calls, emails, and fax. Usually, they use third-party background check companies to help with the verification process.  

For employment verification, Amazon will typically contact the candidate’s previous employers or educational institutions to verify their work history and education credentials. 

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